Ranch Restaurant, winter season



Selling Restauarant Ranch

For sale a business activity consisting of restaurant, bar, games hall, ice rink and tennis courts 100 m away from San Giacomo di Roburent. The establishment is located in a picturesque, sunny position in the heart of maritime alps, with a mild climate.
The restaurant that has been established for over 30 years, is renowned in the surrounding area for its home-made cuisine with both grilled meat courses and hand-made starters.
The property is located in a building of stone and wood construction, typical of the mountain region.

Main activities.


100 to 130-seat restaurant; 35-seat bar set in a mountain environment; three tennis courts, one of which is designed for singles, all with artificial lighting, changing rooms, and showers.
An ice rink 20 x 30 m. and a four-way sound system, equipped with 400 pairs of skates for hire and a heated dressing room.
A games hall with pinball, pool and many videogames; in the basement under the ice rink there is a car park for more than 30 cars.
The building consists of cellars, storehouse, storage facility, and adequate office space. There are also 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and three flats, which can be converted into 10 bedrooms, so that the property can be changed into an inn or bed-and-breakfast.

Planimetry of the building

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Building details: